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what is FSET?

Wisconsin’s FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program is a no-cost program created to provide FoodShare members with the opportunity to gain the skills, training, and experience needed to improve their employment prospects. The FSET program focuses on identifying the strengths, needs, and preferences of job seekers and offers them a full range of individualized services including job search assistance, job search training, work experience, workfare, educational and vocational training, self-employment, and job retention skills.

How do I enroll in FSET?

Simply click the “Enroll Now” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen and enter your contact information. A Talent Development Specialist (TDS) will contact you within one business day.

Who is eligible to enroll in FSET?

Anyone currently receiving FoodShare benefits in the state of Wisconsin is eligible to enroll in the FSET program.

What is a TDS?

A Talent Development Specialist (TDS) is your personal FSET advisor. Your TDS works with you to define your skills and career goals, create a personalized career game plan, and execute that plan until you find your career.

How much does FSET cost?

Nothing but your time, effort and commitment. FSET by ResCare is a free service offered to Wisconsin FoodShare participants.

Does FSET training count towards my monthly FoodShare work requirement?

Yes! Time spent within the FSET program counts towards work requirements.

Does enrolling in FSET affect my FoodShare benefits?

No, enrolling in FSET will never affect your current FoodShare benefits.

Will I be drug-tested before I can enroll in FSET?

No, enrollment in FSET does not require drug-testing.

What is “Change the Game?”

“Change the Game” is an FSET awareness campaign created to help Southeastern Wisconsin FoodShare participants better understand the program, change their perceptions of the program and ultimately build a sustainable, independent future. “Change the Game” conveys the message: The choice is yours – chart your own course, define your own success, and change your game.

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